Meet Our team

Niesha Butler

Founder / CEO

    Renowned and record-breaking athlete turned tech entrepreneur Niesha Butler is a modern-day renaissance woman using the duality of her broad-spectrum background to elevate the next generation of student-athletes and stem professionals.
    As an athlete, Niesha consistently broke scoring records and garnered accolades in high school at Riverdale Country School and college at Georgia Tech, leading to professional playing opportunities in the WNBA and internationally in Spain and the Dominican Republic. Niesha remains the all-time leader for New York City high school basketball in career points scored—for men or women and the only woman along with Kareem Abdul Jabar to be named to New York City’s “ALL CITY TEAM” four years in a row, was ACC Rookie of the Year, All American and Naismith Georgia’s Player of the year to name a few accolades.
    After her playing career, Niesha went on to have a successful career in broadcasting and entertainment, working for HLN, TMZ, and CBS as a sideline reporter/producer for the Atlanta Hawks.  Most recently she was cemented in New York City Basketball History by being featured in Showtimes “Point Gods” documentary. In addition, Niesha has appeared in several publications Slam magazine, Source Sports, the cover of Village Voice, People Espanol, films, and commercials and was considered for the lead role in the modern cult classic Love and Basketball.
   Not one to remain singular, Niesha later transitioned into the world of STEM, becoming a software engineer, teaching computer science for Microsoft, and becoming a leading voice in the Atlanta tech startup market, serving as a board member and partner for several emerging businesses and organizations.
   Combining her passion for sports, mentoring, tech, education, and business led her to open the first Afro Latina S.T.E.A.M. educational center called S.T.E.A.M. CHAMPS in downtown Brooklyn, which teaches coding, robotics, engineering, and arts to kids. 


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